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The best renewable energy is the conservation!



ESCOPR’s services are a broad spectrum of consulting, engineering and analytical services to aid and support businesses or industries overcome today’s challenges. Our services are provided by an experienced team of professional engineers and dedicated professionals.


ESCOPR’s work is to increase the productive efficiency of a business or industry by finding better methods of performing operations and reducing costs. We focus our talents and efforts to create effective and efficient solutions for our clients.


ESCOPR will design and build each cogeneration and gas infrastructure project using the best design or the right-fit to achieve our clients specific goals. Our quality designed projects have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce costs significantly when the right strategies are used. 


ESCOPR has the best team of professional engineers and technical personnel in order to execute any mechanical and/or electrical optimization project. As a contractor, ESCOPR will be responsible for assuring an expedite and successful completion of the project on time and on budget.


ESCOPR provides innovative and exclusive products, equipment, state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to reduce operational costs allowing our clients to achieve their specific goals with the “right-fit” design. Explore our sales pages to learn more about what we offer.

Request a audit!

ESCOPR performs free audits to commercial, institutional, industrial, and government facilities. 

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