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Water Conservation Audit

It is relatively easy to save water in our homes. This can be done by simply replacing the fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen for high efficiency products. You can save up to 40% annually in water consumption and money by changing the kitchen aerator, the sink aerator, the showerhead, and using a toilet tank bank bag or a 0.8 GPF high efficiency toilet.

But, how about saving water in my company? The first thing you need to do is a Water Conservation Audit. ESCOPR will assist you and your company in performing such audit completely FREE.

Our philosophy centers in optimizing the existing infrastructure with the best technology and environmental benefits with minimum or no investment. ESCOPR offers innovative products and tailored made engineering services to achieve savings up to 30%-100% in water consumption.

Water Conservation Services: 

  • Water balance analysis
  • Tariff evaluation
  • HVAC condensate recovery
  • Rain harvesting system
  • Cooling tower and boiler water optimization
  • Water well design and installation
  • Waste water and potable water meter installation
  • Product sales
  • Others

Contact ESCOPR at 787-782-7103 to request a Free Water Conservation Audit and begin receiving savings immediately!

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