Stryker (POU)

Customer: Stryker, Arroyo

Project Title: Point of Use (POU) Fixtures Replacement

Year: 2017

Type of Project:

  • Water conservation
  • Water savings
  • High efficiency upgrade at point of use

Customer Issues/Needs:

  • High water bill
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Water system upgrade

Project Facts/Highlights:

  • Water cost savings: $13,072 / yr
  • Water savings: 843,375 gal/yr
  • No. of locations: 1 facility
  • No. of fixtures / Point of use reduction:
    • 9 urinals – 88% reduction
    • 29 toilets – 31% reduction
    • 5 faucets – 75% reduction

Applied Technologies:

  • Automatic Hybridflush Valves – Urinal
  • Automatic Hybridflush Valves – Toilets
  • Automatic Hybridflo – Faucets

Project Summary:

  • Thorough facility walk through to identify points of use
  • Analyze consumption of each point with accepted design standards
  • Recommend high efficient water consumption equipment
  • Estimate savings
  • Perform system upgrade
  • Real SAVINGS !!!!!

Additional Notes:

Numbers reflect annual project savings based on prior water consumption (POU), local water rates and specific usage hours. Savings for individual locations may vary.

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