Stryker (HVAC)

Customer: Stryker, Arroyo

Project Title: HVAC Condensate Recovery

Year: 2017

Type of Project:

  • Water conservation
  • Water savings

Customer Issues/Needs:

  • High water bill
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Water system upgrade

Project Facts:

  • Water costs savings: $215,649 / yr
  • No. of locations: 1 facility
  • No. of AHU’s: 13
  • HVAC condensate recovery: 12,085,880 gal / yr

Project Highlights:

The HVAC condensate recovery from the air handling units (AHU’s) will be used as the cooling tower make-up water. This recovered water has no minerals which can improve the concentration cycles thus, reducing the blowdown and reducing the scale formation in chillers and cooling towers. This water is also “free” at no additional costs to the facility. The total collected water is practically all the water needed for the cooling tower make-up water. It’s a Win-Win.

Additional Notes:

Numbers reflect annual project savings based on prior water consumption (i.e.: make-up), local water rates and specific usage hours. Savings for individual locations may vary.

Project Image and Video:

Water pipeline through facility’s rooftop
HVAC Condesate Recovery

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