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Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract

What is a Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract? A Shared Savings Energy Performance Contract (EPC) is a budget-neutral approach to make facility improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency. By partnering with an energy service company (ESCOPR), a facility owner can use an EPC to pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings—without tapping into capital budgets. 

ESCOPR may finance, as a capital provider, 100% of the capital costs of the energy efficient projects. This will result in up-front costs, installation and maintenance at zero cost to the client.  ESCOPR’s goal is to assist clients locked-in 50% or more of the energy and costs savings over a period up to 10 years by retrofitting existing utility systems with a new more efficient technology. 

Benefits of shared savings:

  • ZERO Capital Expense
  • ZERO Installation Costs
  • ZERO Maintenance Costs
  • ZERO Disposal Costs
  • Zero Risk Solution
  • KWh Lighting Saving, Best LED Technology
  • Additional Savings in HVAC
  • Additional Savings from Motion Sensors
  • Free Custom Energy Engineering
  • Design that Comply with Codes & Standards

How to do it?

  1. Audit: perform initial free energy savings audit (i.e.: lighting retrofit, HVAC systems, water systems, others)
  2. Proposal: Submit a preliminar proposal to client summarizing savings
  3. Measurement and Validation: third party measurement and validation performed to verify energy savings
  4. Financial Verification: financial application completed and approved
  5. Service Agreement: services agreement signed
  6. Construction and Installation: coordinate installation with the facility 

Contact ESCOPR at 787-782-7103 to request a Free Energy Audit and begin receiving savings immediately!

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