St Francis school

Saint Francis School

Customer: Saint Francis School, Carolina

Type of Project:

  • Energy saving
  • LED Lighting retrofit
  • Shared Saving
  • Efficiency upgrade

Year: 2015

Customer issues

  • Outdated fluorescent lighting was producing insufficient output
  • Lighting flicker due to lamps age seemed to contribute to employee’s headaches
  • Frequent fluorescent lamp failures created a service issue
  • Lamp changes tend to consume too much maintenance staff time
  • Wanted sensor control in all areas to maximize savings
  • Others

Project Facts

  • Energy Cost Savings:          $74,321/yr
  • Power Savings:                    125.7 kW
  • Energy Savings:                   190,000 kWh/yr
  • No. of Locations:                 1 school
  • No. of Fixtures:                    1,038
  • CO2 Reduction:                      372 Tons
  • Applied Technologies: 
    • LED Tubes
    • LED Retrofit Kits
    • LED Lamps

Additional Notes: 

Numbers reflect annual project savings based on prior energy consumption, local electric rates and specific usage hours. Savings for individual locations may vary.

Contact ESCOPR at 787-782-7103 to request a FREE Energy Audit and begin receiving savings immediately!

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