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Safety and Health

ESCOPR promotes a safe and healthy workplace environment. We provide training to our employees in order to make them more knowledgeable about safety and workplace hazards in all of our construction projects.

ESCOPR has an in-house engineer certified as an OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer and an EHS Engineer with a certified 10-hour OSH Training in Construction and Safety. 


Most commercial, institutional and industrial facilities are required to meet current energy and environmental policy goals. Environmental and economical benefits become an important part of the appropriate implementation of any project. 

ESCOPR is committed with our environment promoting saving strategies that reduces operational costs and extends the life of the natural resources by reducing the ecological footprint.

Our energy and water conservation programs, as well as our state-of-the-art technologies will support compliance with many company policy goals to conserve limited resources and reduce costs while assuring reliable operation.


In ESCOPR, we are committed to educate the next generation of energy engineers, focusing in conservation, through mentoring and coaching. We provide undergraduate students with actual energy design projects to assist them with a real professional experience.

ESCOPR has dedicated time to develop and implement educational programs through seminars and conferences at universities and professional associations. The alliances with the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus and the Polytechnic University are a key part of sharing our knowledge with undergraduate students.

Online Product Sales

Visit EcoStorePR, our e-commerce website, to learn more about our online product sales. More products are coming soon to the online store. 

Request a audit!

ESCOPR performs free audits to commercial, institutional, industrial, and government facilities. 

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