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CoGen Right Fit LLC (CRF) tailors each cogeneration solution (a.k.a.: cooling, heating and power solutions) to fit the client’s energy usage needs. CRF solutions include the following flexible features:

Plant Capacity:  Ability to size project to a wide range of energy needs utilizing gas engine turbines ranging from 100 KW to 10MW in capacity.

Design Flexibility:  Design project to meet various recycled energy uses including :

  • Heat to power with heat recovery steam generation
  • Combine cycles with steam turbine
  • Tecogen equipment to provide power, cooling and heating needs for small scale
  • Absorption chiller to simultaneously produce chilled water and hot water

Fuel Flexibility:  CRF designs plants with flexible fuel alternatives including  gas turbines that can alternate between propane and natural gas, allowing clients to continuously utilize the cheapest and cleanest fuel.      

CoGen Right Fit LLC (CRF) designs cogeneration systems to meet the following criteria:

High Efficiency:  Sizing each facility to meet the client’s core base load usage and thermal output to ensure run times and corresponding energy savings are maximized.

Low Maintenance:  Utilization of micro turbines (i.e.: turbines with less than 10 MW of capacity) requires less maintenance and care and correspondingly have longer run times generating higher savings.

Low Emissions:  CRF’s designed cogeneration systems qualify as a Minor Source for power generation by using ultra low emission turbines and engines to keep emissions rate low. As a result, the zoning and permitting process is much less onerous and can be obtained in approximately 45 to 60  days following application for project approval.  

Lowest Fuel Cost: Using propane or natural gas.

Contact ESCOPR at 787-782-7103 to request a Free Energy Audit and begin receiving savings immediately!

CRF’s cogeneration solutions have significant design and fuel source flexibility while emphasizing high efficiency, low maintenance, low emissions and consequently, optimal energy savings.

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